even bad wolves can be good, nagia
Words: 23195
Chapters: 8/?

It might be easier to get her out of his head if she hadn't been on her knees the first time he saw her.
OR: Scott McCall doesn't know how to talk to women, even women he's practically related to, and there are not enough self-inflicted concussions in the world to restore Derek's peace of mind.

Гендерсвап Стайлз, только начало. АУ к всему. С Дереком, который околдован с первой встречи в лесу. Среднячок.

Bringing Light into the Dark, Lennatha
Words: 50279
Chapters: 12/?

"When did you realize?"
"Realize?" Stiles queried, face scrunched up in confusion, "I sort of embraced it not long after you guys left. I mean there was no denying that I was needed. The twins were far more receptive to me compared to Mr. 'True Alpha'. There was no way I could leave Isaac on his own and the Argents needed someone who wasn't too busy pining after Allison to discuss and plan with."
They left and she had to deal with it. Five Months later and now they've returned.

Гендерсвап. Стайлз такая крутая, когда Дерек уехал с Корой, переехала к Айзеку и стала почти альфой стаи. Их мамой. Средне.

Piece by Piece, SirenAlpha
Words: 37815
Chapters: 32/?

After the kanima, things didn't fit together again properly for Stiles. She knows that Erica and Boyd should have come back to school, but they never did. Trying to give Derek information without alerting Scott to what happened to her the day Jackson ceased being a kanima turns out to be more nerve wracking than she expected. Somehow, helping Derek and Scott focusing on summer school ends up translating into her spending the summer in Derek's apartment with him and Isaac.

Гендерсвап. Лето перед 3 сезоном. Стайлз, Дерек и Айзек. Средне. Скотт мудак.

@темы: персонажи: Стайлз Стилински, персонажи: Скотт МакКол, персонажи: Дерек Хейл, персонажи: Айзек Лейхи, пейринг: Стайлз/Дерек, категория: гет, жанр: гендерсвап, жанр: АУ, дополнительно: мама стаи!Стайлз